Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome Teresa from California!

We have a new friend that has become part of our group. Welcome to Teresa from California!
While viewing Teresa's personal blog, I noticed she is very involved in helping others through her quilting. I know she will be a great person for us to learn from.
Here is a little information that Teresa shared with me:

My name is Teresa Fredenburg from Corona California and I found your blog the other day and fell in love with the Star Crazy Quilt. I didn't sign up with The Quilt Show right away but I kept thinking and thinking about the Quilt. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and just HAD to make it, hahaha.
I just recently started a quilting blog and I posted about the Star Crazy Quilt , here's my blog site
Please add me to your Star Crazy Log and we can all go crazy together while having a great time making this gorgeous quilt.

May your stitches be many and your seam ripper go unused!!

I love how she signed off.