Saturday, January 29, 2011

And another

I had this finished by the first of the year, but here's the time someone was here to hold it. And even that wasn't a success. So I said, "let's just take it to the bed." (pics are in the wrong order, but you get the idea)

That is on a queen sized bed. However, the quilt that I use on this bed hangs down lower; and I quilted that on my home machine, so I spose this would be possible. I need to decide.

What a good job done tho! For all of us.....GOOD GOING!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


After 12 days of off and on sewing I managed to get the quilt top put together. It looks like it isn't flat but I just couldn't crawl around good enough on the floor to straighten it all out. When I go to quilt group at the end of the week I will see if I can get a couple people to hold it up and I will try to get a better photo then. If I could do it again I would change some of the light color stars darker but there you go it is done and it isn't going to be changed :) It has been fun working on this quilt with all of you ladies and I will keep checking back to see the other quilts as they are finished.

The quilt will be put in a zipper plastic bag along with the fabric strips for the binding and I will get it quilted when I can but this makes 3 large quilts waiting in line and I am only about 1/4 of the way done with the queen size quilt on my frame. At this rate this quilt won't be quilted for another 2 years!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Star Crazy Finished!

In October 2009 I had the opportunity to go to International Quilt Festival/Houston and work in The Quilt Shoppe booth for The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.

For three days I stood by Star Crazy, TQS's pieced 2010 Block of The Month.
And fell in L.O.V.E.

Star Crazy was designed by the extremely talented Sue Garman.
It was a thrill to meet Sue and to talk to her about Star Crazy.

From there an idea was born. I knew I wanted to make Star Crazy, but I didn't want to make it alone.
I started Star Crazy Log, a blog devoted to 12 months of working together.
The response was more than I had hoped for.
We had 31 participants from all over the world. Spanning most the United States to Australia, Sweden,United Kingdom and Norway, we have spent a year getting to know each other through our love of quilting.
We have shared our cultures, our family activities, and become good friends.
To date, we have 119 followers,
with 15,635 visits,
and 28,716 page reviews.
What an adventure!

I chose to make Star Crazy from my scraps.
I tried to follow Sue's suggested color design as closely as possible.
Many of you worked with your own color pallet. I will share some of your pictures on a future post.

Now, it's time to get the finished top off to the quilter.

After having the blocks up on my design wall for the last year, the space will look a little lonely now.
I will have many fond memories of 2010 every time I look at Star Crazy.
Thank you to all who participated in Star Crazy Log! I have been inspired by your talent and creativity.
Your excitement prompted me each month to stay current with every BOM release.

And thank you to Sue Garman, and The Quilt Show for creating such a beautiful quilt, and inviting us to play along.

Even though I am now finished with Star Crazy, I will continue to manage Star Crazy Log where we will see postings of finished quilts continue to trickle in.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

slowly making progress

I am slowly making progress. After a mistake on my left side border with the half square triangles I had to rip out and redo a short portion so didn't make as much progress as I had hoped to yesterday. I did get that part fixed and re done. No matter how many times I look at something I still made a mistake! and I looked, and looked and still had one turned the wrong way. - what I have done so far:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Here is the centre of my quilt. I have been very undecided
what colour to use for my small borders. I have purchased
some purple but not sure so might but this on hold for a
while in case I see something I like better. I am really happy
with the result. The rest of the blocks are all completed
just need to put it all together
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yaaayyyy - finished!!!!

I almost dont believe it, but I have finished the Star Crazy quilt! I have been working with the borders for the last few days, but it took a bit longer than I thought. Especially the HST-borders..... It has been an fun BOM to make, but I have to admit that sometimes I had some trouble with my motivation. So I have to thank all of my sweet co-quilters here in the group (especially Nedra who organised it all!!), you have really given me the kick in the a... that I needed, and I kind of thought that I wouldn't disappoint you by dropping out . The quilt is rather big ( a least for me it is...), so I appreciated the help from my two sweet girls at the photoshoot!

This is definitely the largest quilt I have made, and I have been working with it for a year. And Im very satisfied and proud with the result. I think it deserves to be quiltet by someone who has way more experience than me.... I have a pretty good idea of a couple in the US I could have used, but are a bit more uncertain about someone in Norway (isn't that odd????). So I have to do some searching.... I will post a picture when its quilted aswell.

Wishing you a wonderful day! I will place the quilt on my bed and admire it all evening :o)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting organized and started

well today I finally got the beginning of the stars organized in the center with the Irish chains. I looked it over a bit before getting started to make sure all was well and got started sewing this afternoon for an hour or so.
I will work on it this week and see what happens with it - this photo is before any sewing was started.
I do wish I had used darker colors in some spots - but I'm not going to change a thing! Too lazy :)

November Blocks

Oh my goodness I finally finished my November blocks! Took me awhile to get all the pieces cut out, but I've finally figure out how to make the most of Alex's nap time! As long as my household stuff is done (try and do the night before after he goes to bed) I can work on sewing during his naps. With chain piecing, I flew through the half Irish chains, but I noticed my cutting wasn't always as precise as I though it was. You'd think after almost cutting this entire quilt out, I'd be better at it, but I guess I have more room to grow! I also noticed that we cut a few more white pieces than we needed, not sure why, but I know I have 1 full Irish chain block and 12 half blocks, which is what we are supposed to have! On to December's blocks!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Felicity's quilt

I finally had a minute to post a pict of Felicity's finish (back in July).

Quilt Assembly Update

I thought I had the center quilt assembly finished until I took this picture and was ready to write this post.
Ugh!!  If you can find the arrow you will see that I have one irish chain corner turned the wrong way.  It's funny how the camera will show problems that your eye doesn't see.  Looks like I will be ripping and re-sewing this evening.  Otherwise I like it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The assembling has begun.....

Today I have started the assembling of the Star Crazy blocks. But first of all I had to make the last blocks from December.

I made room on our bed and placed the blocks as they should be, oh noooo - guess what I saw??? For some reason I have forgotten to make one Irish Chain block.... If you look carefully tou can see the open space a the top.

So, had no choice, I had to find some fabrics, cut them and make another block. But it didn't take too long and a couple of hours later the result was ready! And its gorgeous, if I may say so... :o) I cant wait till tomorrow to continue!!

Wishing you all a happy new year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

I am still here...

I actually went ahead of the group and finished the quilt in July. DJ is actually quilting it for me. Will you post a picture for me? Felicity from UT

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I am still here!

Well, it has been 4 months since I have had an update.  Life sure got hectic during the fall.  I didn't want to lose all of the good momentum of the year and let my quilt drift off into UFO land.  Starting on Thanksgiving weekend I buckled down and got working on the September blocks.  The next hurdle, I couldn't find the camera to take photos of the completed blocks.  Oh well, I just kept moving on.  So, as 2010 drew to a close yesterday, this is what my Star Crazy quilt has become (so far). 
I have all of the small star blocks done and the half square triangles for the borders too!  Whew, just made it (sort of).  Now I have to decide what color to make the small inner border.  I don't think I want to use green like in the pattern.  I think I am leaning towards a blue.  I will have to wait until my local quilt shop is open (closed for the holiday today and then inventory).  That will give me time to sew all of those half square triangles together for the borders.

Nedra - thank you so much for managing this blog.  I really don't think I would be this far if it wasn't for the wonderful inspiration the whole group has inspired. 

Happy 2011!