Friday, December 31, 2010

Granny Went Star Crazy ...COMPLETED!

Hooray!!  Now I don't have to add "Granny Went Star Crazy" to my UFOs for 2011 because IT IS FINISHED!  I even made the binding and have enough fabric left over for the back.

I really don't know when I'll get around to quilting this top. It may be months before I post that.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Star Crazy December BOM

I was so happy yesterday to have an opportunity to work on Star Crazy.
I really didn't think there would be time in December, but now with Christmas over, I snuck in a day of "do what you WANT to do, not what you HAVE to do."

Four Patch Stars & Quad Stars
The last 6 blocks are now complete and ready for their placement along the outside borders.

And the inside Irish Chain is sewn together.

I love how this quilt is coming together.
Sue Garman really did a great job with the design.
My thanks to The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims for letting us participate in their Block of The Month 2010.

And remember all those 1 1/2" half square triangles we have been making each month along the way?
I think there are 320 of them all together.

I've started sewing the 8 rows needed for the borders.
A little tedious and time consuming, but I put on a good movie and I was in my happy zone.

Remember Star Crazy will eventually grow up to look like this.
Star Crazy has been such a great quilt to make together with so many of you. This is the first time I have hosted a group, and I have been inspired by your work! And, it's been delightful getting to know quilters from around the world.
I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of wonderful posts about Star Crazy in January.
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just Showing Off *S*

This never-ending quilt has EIGHT borders! Here it is with four of them added. I'm just beginning to stitch together the 184 HST's for the sixth border.

I think this project should have been a 15-month BOM, don't you? *L*

Happy New Year everyone..........

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Center Finished

I'm thinking to myself, "who made all these blocks?" And still there are many, many more to come. *S* Sue has written a wonderful pattern tho, hasn't she?

Something funny as I moved along with this. I found a small plastic baggie labeled "June Irish Chain" with loose pieces in it along with my other blocks. I thot they must be extra pieces or something. However, when I laid it all out there was a huge blank in a space where an Irish Chain should be. *L*

Apparently I was so tired of making them, I thot I'd just put it aside and I'd never have to deal with it. HA! There were a few other things to fix up too and some frogging, but really not much.

I've decided that this is such a big project, I'm just not gonna focus on things I should have done differently. I'm more amazed that it's nearing completion. Now if I can just get those HST's to all face where they should. *S*

Happy Holidays to all of you!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I spent 4 days tending kids at my daughter's home, and was able get December's stars and 1/2 square triangles and most of the top put together. My birthday was on Thursday, and the girls gave me the day off from babysitting, then I did not have any of the other boys on Friday, so I had a long weekend to do what I wanted. Getting the top finished was a priority, and here it is. I will bind it with the same green that is in the long strips. I have a plain Kona piece in the same green that I will use for the back. Putting the strips of 1/2 square triangles was time consuming, and making sure the went the right direction on the quilt top kept me on my toes.
This project has been good for me. I tend to try to get the tops done as quickly as possible (as you probably noticed from my posting within the first week or so of each month). Having to wait each month for the directions has helped to break up my quilt making for other projects. Of course I have made several other tops during this year, and even have many of them quilted and bound. My goal is to have a queen size quilt for each grandchild, and they all get baby quilts when they are born (12 of them).
Nedra, thanks for the blog to keep us all connected with everyone else. It has been REALLY fun to follow everyones progress and ideas.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We shall see......

if my decision to do the final two month's work in one large block of time was the correct one. *S*

I have everything wish me luck on the stitching.

I have more fabric left over than I thot I'd have.......enough for a nice scrappy quilt sometime in the new year.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December BOM - The end is near

Well the year is coming to an end and how many of us out of this group of many have finished our blocks to assemble the top! I finished today. Here are my December stars - too many hst's to picture but glad they are done. I will assemble the top in January and hand quilt it - who knows when? I have one queen size top waiting in line, one on the quilting frame and a Dear Jane nearing completion plus the Star Crazy - that means by the end of January I will have 3 large tops waiting to be quilted.
I will picture my top when it is assembled.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Granny Went Star Crazy Dec progress report

Granny Went Star Crazy needs side borders and then another layer of half square triangle borders + final border and it will be FINISHED.
One step at a time...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November blocks - just in time :o)

So, at last, I finished my November blocks - just in time! I dont know why it is so that I (nearly always) wait until the last minute to get them done :o) They were finished last night, and today we got the last instructions...

( This block is also finished, it just wasnt when I took the picture...)
I have decided to send it away for quilting, because its so big and I want to have it done properly. And I dont think Im able to do it on my machine. Ohhhh, cant wait to see it finished :o) Dont know how much I will get done before X-mas, I have other things that need to be done.

Wishing you a lovely day!