Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Center Finished

I'm thinking to myself, "who made all these blocks?" And still there are many, many more to come. *S* Sue has written a wonderful pattern tho, hasn't she?

Something funny as I moved along with this. I found a small plastic baggie labeled "June Irish Chain" with loose pieces in it along with my other blocks. I thot they must be extra pieces or something. However, when I laid it all out there was a huge blank in a space where an Irish Chain should be. *L*

Apparently I was so tired of making them, I thot I'd just put it aside and I'd never have to deal with it. HA! There were a few other things to fix up too and some frogging, but really not much.

I've decided that this is such a big project, I'm just not gonna focus on things I should have done differently. I'm more amazed that it's nearing completion. Now if I can just get those HST's to all face where they should. *S*

Happy Holidays to all of you!