Monday, December 13, 2010

I spent 4 days tending kids at my daughter's home, and was able get December's stars and 1/2 square triangles and most of the top put together. My birthday was on Thursday, and the girls gave me the day off from babysitting, then I did not have any of the other boys on Friday, so I had a long weekend to do what I wanted. Getting the top finished was a priority, and here it is. I will bind it with the same green that is in the long strips. I have a plain Kona piece in the same green that I will use for the back. Putting the strips of 1/2 square triangles was time consuming, and making sure the went the right direction on the quilt top kept me on my toes.
This project has been good for me. I tend to try to get the tops done as quickly as possible (as you probably noticed from my posting within the first week or so of each month). Having to wait each month for the directions has helped to break up my quilt making for other projects. Of course I have made several other tops during this year, and even have many of them quilted and bound. My goal is to have a queen size quilt for each grandchild, and they all get baby quilts when they are born (12 of them).
Nedra, thanks for the blog to keep us all connected with everyone else. It has been REALLY fun to follow everyones progress and ideas.