Sunday, July 25, 2010

July Blocks

These were quite fun, actually. Once I had moved my piecing machine into my one a/c room, it all got easier. *S* Pearl (the machine) seemed to like it in there - she gave me no trouble at all with these blocks. As usual, the small HST's are put away in their own little bag.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Star Crazy

Star Crazy is now in it's 7th month, and appropriately there are 7 blocks to be made.
How is everyone coming along?
I had every intention to be on top of things this month.
Jan came over almost 2 weeks ago and we worked together on our blocks.
She finished.
Mine.... sat half way completed until today.
9-Patch Stars and Chain Stars.
Speaking of Chains, did you like not having any Irish Chains to put together this time around? In looking ahead of the schedule, we will have a break from IC's for a few more months.
Shoo Fly Variation Star
I have really enjoyed seeing Star Crazy being made in various fabrics from our group.
We now have 77 visitors, and are receiving quite a few hits each day.
Thank you for posting and showing your wonderful work!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SueR's July Blocks

Isn't it a nice feeling to know all the star blocks for the center are done?

I'm guessing most folks are using the foundations included with the instructions each month, but I chose to make flying geese units for the star points instead. Figured maybe I'd save some fabric that way. If anyone else is making flying geese units, you might try Patti Anderson's no-waste flying geese shortcut, because I think it's faster. Too bad it took me six months to think of it.

July Blocks

Took me a couple of days in between other projects, but I got all the July blocks completed. I'm really liking the way the colors are playing together. I can't wait to start putting all the blocks together! From the looks of it, we don't do that until December though!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July Blocks

July blocks done. They worked up really fast.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

June and July blocks

I have used some of this extended holiday weekend in the US, to get caught up on my Star Crazy quilt.  Each day this weekend we have seen the tempature climb up and up, that seemed like another good reason to whole up in my quilting room.  Living in Vermont, heat is not something that we deal with too often or that well for that matter.  I am very thankful to have an A/C unit in my sewing room, without it there would not be much getting done right now.  Anyway, here are my blocks for June.
And here are my July blocks.
Then I pulled out all of my blocks done so far.  I wanted to see how the colors were balancing out, especially since I am just using stash fabrics.
And finally, I just realized that we now have the 13 center stars done!  I wanted to get an idea of what my center will look like.  Of course there are a lot more Irish Chain blocks to complete to fill in the empty spaces, but I really love how this looks so far.
Have a wonderful month fellow quilters and Happy 4th of July to all in the USA.


Friday, July 2, 2010

June blocks

I reached my goal and finished the June blocks before our sailing vacation. Can't believe we are half way there. I have printed out the July blocks so they are waiting for me when I come home :o)

This is one of my favourites:

Whishing you all a wonderful summer :o)

Juli är klar /July is don

Ska jag få gjort något måst jag göra det på morgonen. Då är det lungt en liten stund innan dagen sätter fart. Nu kan jag lägga bort syningen för denna månaden, jag tror det iallafall:-)

If I have to do some work, I better do it in the morning. Then the house have a quiet moment.
That´s the sawing for this month, that´s annyway what I belive:-)

Nu blir det mycket sommararbete på gården som väntar. Massor av underbart tort hö som ska in under tak.
There is plenty off work on the farm who is waiting to be done. Lots off wonderfull hay who should been taking inside.

Jag önskar er alla en härlig sommar.
Wish you all a lovely summer