Saturday, January 9, 2010

Greetings from Norway

Hi all!

I am Merete from Norway. I have been quilitng for some years now and I love it. I have my own blog,, where I write about quilting, knitting, other hobbies and anything else that could be interesting :o)
This is my first BOM, so Im really exited! And I think its great to have a 'support'-group for all questions and thoughts and lots of inspiration :o) I have ordered the BOM kit some days ago, and I know its on its way over the ocean to me. Hoping to get it soon, because Im eager to start!
Today I printed out the instructions and the blocks for January. And I measured the 1"-square at page 9, it turned out to be 1/16" too small. So now my loving husband is pulling his hair to make it 1" exactly on the printout, and Im sure he will figure it out. What would I do without him :o)

So, nothing more to 'report' this time.

Have a wonderful weekend!