Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome Deana and Emma!

It's February 1st, and we have 2 new members joining us today. Welcome to Deana from Cleveland, Utah and Emma from the United Kingdom! They bring our totals to 24.
Deana and I did a block exchange together this last year, and I know she does beautiful work. She had this to share:
Your "Star Crazy" invitation sounds enticing. I just (one month late) joined the Quilt Show and printed off the patterns today. I would LOVE to become a part of your Star Crazy group.

Emma and I have been trying to reach each other through e-mails this last week and have finally connected. She is good friends with Tracey, who inspired her to join Star Crazy Log. I love that we are an international group.
Emma wrote:
I am a member of The Quilt Show, and I will be using fabrics that I have at home to make my version as I supposed to be on a "fabric diet" - not sure how long that will last though!!!
I have been quilting for over twenty years now, which is scary when you see it like that. Tracey and I were going to do last years BOM quilt and we never quite managed it, so we decided that we would make more of an effort this year. We live an hours drive from each other so we may have to schedule some sewing days.
Hope this is okay. Now I just need to sort out some fabric!!!

We welcome anyone, anytime who wants to join us. There are no quilt police in this group. If we have a month that is too busy to work on our blocks, or they are done a little's OK! The whole purpose of this group is to have fun and share ideas. We have until 2011 until we even have to THINK about being nervous if we aren't all caught up. (and maybe not even then!)
Meanwhile, Enjoy!