Sunday, February 21, 2010

January "Granny Went Star Crazy" complete.

This quilt is truly Star Crazy because:
1)  It's all about stars

2) It's CRAZY because I didn't pick out any of the fabrics.

Last year my sister informed me that her quilt shop was going out of business (so sad).  Anyway, I told her to buy me a bunch of the discounted fabric.  Because I love ALL colors, I told her not to worry about what she bought as long as she liked it.

Furthermore, my sister-in-law told me about a fabric sale over in her neck of the woods.  I also asked her to purchase some fabric for me.  Wala, many of the fabrics went together in the same color scheme and autumn colors to boot (I LOVE autumn colors).

I decided to use ONLY fabrics in my stash to make this quilt.  In order to make it work I had to be a little creative with color placement.  I'll be making all of the little stars with gold backgrounds.  Also, all of my large stars will have a somewhat "busy" background.  I did this in lou of purchasing 10 1/2 yards of background fabric.

The busy backgrounds will make the quilt look very "old fashioned" hence the name "Granny Went Star Crazy".