Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trouble with my 1"-inch test for February blocks

I printed the instructions for February a week ago, and didnt bother to check the 1"- inch square because January worked out so well. And I was doing just the same as I did then! But today I planned to start cutting, and just to be sure I measured the square. And boy am I glad I did!!! It was too small.... So I've tried over and over again with different settings, but cant seem to make it right. I know we have adviced eachother earlier, but could you please help me again??? I have a MacBook Pro, could that make any difference, anyone else using a Mac? Its so frustrating to not be able to start on the blocks just because I cant get the printing right :o( I will also ask my very clever and handy man to help me when he comes home from work.

This was just a little 'frustration'-post from Norway, hoping to figure it out really soon :o)