Monday, February 1, 2010

Star Crazy Blocks Made...Hooray!!!

I can't believe I finally got Jan. Star Crazy Quilt blocks made...but I did! For those of you that don't know...I signed up for The Quilt Show block of the month after Nedra from Cactus Needle posted it on her blog. She saw the quilt made up at market and fell in love with it. She is the reason that I fell in love with it and knew it was something that I HAD to make. friend Judy...she would is not something that you HAD to make...but GET to or CHOSE to. I guess that is better yet...I CHOSE to make it because I HAD to!!! LOL!

I am going tell you...I had a bit of decision making to do. At first I thought that I wanted to make this quilt out of the 30's prints but since I have three quilts in the making that are all out of 30's...I CHOSE (here's that word again!) to make it out of Civil War fabrics...which are my other favorites.

I got into my stash drawer and started just pulling what felt good color wise and this is what stood out to me...however I will not be making it so scrappy by making it with the shirtings. Instead I have elected to use Kona Snow as my background fabric.

After seeing the blocks seems that it might work out after all. I quess! I will have to wait and see what February's blocks end up being made out of color wise to tell. Let me know what you think!

Hopefully...I won't be the last in the class to get them done this next month...or...maybe I will! Actually...I think I was the first one to sign up after Nedra's post....hummm...and the last one to finish...hummm...I better think about that a little more!

Thanks Nedra! You got me into this and I LOVE IT!!!