Monday, June 14, 2010

A little later than planned - May blocks

Finally I got the May-blocks done - a bit late, but its done! Seems to be difficult to concentrate on sewing when the weather is warm and sunny :o) And also my cute little dog has been operated some weeks ago, so she needed a lot of attention. But now she's fine, and we're all happy!
And look at all those gorgeous little HSTs, in all kinds of colour! It will be quite a job making the border... Im so glad we are not making all HSTs at once, that would be too much...:o)
I must try not to be late with the June blocks, I dont like to fall behind. And in July we are going sailing for our holidays, so not much sewing done that month :o) So I will probably not get the blocks done until August.

Warm summer greetings from Norway  8o)