Tuesday, March 9, 2010

February blocks

Today I planned to finish all the february blocks, but it didnt turn out that way... :o) For some reason I was making a lot of mistakes on one of the blocks, so I had to rip it up over and over again. But just before making dinner I got two of the blocks ready.

And the next two lined up and just waiting for me to sew them....

This is such a clever way to make all the HST for the quilt, doing some of them each month. Then suddenly, almost without realising it, you have a lot of them finished :o) Making all of them at once would be rather boring. But after 2 months now we have made 72.

In some days I will print  the March-instructions and start the blocks for this months, trying to get a bit ahead :o)

I so happy I decided to make the Star Crazy quilt and joined this group, you all are such a great inspiration!!

Have a wonderful day:o)